Thoughtfully driven professional trustee streamlining complexity.

Tailored advisory services worthy of your trust.

Laurel Trust Company partners with your team of advisors to pursue your strategic objectives, ensuring our collective approach aligns with your goals. We offer simplified sophisticated solutions for a diverse yet intimate roster of clients.

Use good judgment

Our directive, use good judgment, is a basic yet paramount principle demonstrated with every decision we make.

Our Approach

Successfully navigating complex asset structures with an agile advantage.

Comfort with complexity
Navigating complex asset structures is our specialty. Our most agile, innovative work is how we enable the most valuable outcome for our clients.

When trust is everything, you’re in good company

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Our Board

  • Kathryn A. Hall

    Board Director

  • Thomas J. Monroe, J.D., CTFA

    Board Director & President

  • John W. Buoymaster, J.D.

    Board Director & Chair

  • Charles A. Kurz

    Board Director & Vice Chair

  • Rebecca E. Renzas, J.D.

    Board Director

Our Team

  • Russell M. Aaron

    Information Technology Manager

  • Lyndsey S. Anderson

    Trust Analyst I

  • Mitchell T. Bardet

    Trust Analyst II

  • Timothy M. Bartlett, J.D., CTFA

    Vice President | Trust Officer

  • Kelly R. Bayless

    Executive Assistant

  • Christine E. Brown, J.D.

    Principal | Trust Officer

  • Micaela A. Casapulla, ATOP

    Trust Analyst II

  • Loomy A. Danso, J.D.

    Vice President | Compliance

  • Jonathan Q. Duong, CFP®, CTFA

    Trust Advisor

  • Wesley B. Earp

    Trust Advisor

  • Jonathan A. Eller, J.D.

    Senior Trust Associate

  • Autumn I. Henderson

    Business Operations Associate

  • Austin L. Howery, CTFA

    Business Operations Accounting Associate

  • Joseph P. Lachance

    Trust Analyst II

  • Aimee E. McCarty, SHRM-CP

    Vice President | Human Capital and Business Operations

  • Laurie L. McLanahan, CPA

    Senior Vice President | Director of Business Operations

  • Martin D. Menton III, CFP®, CTFA

    Senior Vice President | Trust Officer

  • Ryan S. Mills, J.D.

    Trust Advisor

  • Thomas J. Monroe, J.D., CTFA


  • Melissa J. Nolasco-Wall, ATOP

    Vice President | Trust Operations

  • Marie E. Pitts

    Trust Operations Specialist

  • Quinn M. Rooker, CTFA

    Trust Associate

  • Elizabeth A. Tucker

    Human Capital Associate

  • Lesli J. Watson

    Senior Trust Operations Specialist

  • Emelita G. Weldon

    Senior Business Operations Associate

  • Afiya J. Whitman, J.D.

    Trust Advisor

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